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If you find yourself facing some type of problem with your garage door, or if you're interested in upgrading to a new, more secure and technologically advanced system, we can help. Find out more by taking a look at our latest projects below.

Track Replacement Near Ferndale FL

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: The garage door refused to open or close properly, but it did make a racket while moving up and down.
Our Solution: As we suspected, the problem our customer was experiencing was caused by damaged tracks and worn-out metal rollers. We took down the door as well as the damaged components. Next, we installed a new pair of tracks and replaced the existing rollers with nylon ones.  We reinstalled and tested the door - it was fully functional again and as quiet as ever.

John Simmons - Ferndale
Opener Repair Next To Mascotte FL

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Mr. Gershom’s automatic garage door would only open a short distance before closing again, and he suspected an opener problem.
Our Solution: The opener’s travel and force limit settings were the most obvious culprits, and our intuition was validated. Recalibrating the opener from factory defaults and then syncing it up to the remote and wall controls again saw the end of the customer’s issues.

Eliezer Gershom - Mascotte
Opener Remote Control Failed in Groveland FL

Opener Remote Control Failed

Customer Issue: The remote control became unpredictable, working sometimes but not doing anything other times.
Our Solution: When an inspection of the remote control’s buttons, battery chamber, and programming revealed nothing wrong, our team looked at the opener and found that it had a damaged antenna. They replaced it with a new one, and the problem was solved.

Migeru Shiyamoto - Groveland
Broken Spring Replacement Next To Minneola FL

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Garage door increasingly difficult and heavy to operate.
Our Solution: Our technician inspected the system and found that one of the springs was broken and needed to be replaced. After replacing the spring and reconnecting the opener, the door operated smoothly and the opener no longer seemed to be struggling.

Martin Woodward - Minneola
Panel Replacement Near Clermont FL

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Panel with hole in it.
Our Solution: Upon inspecting the panel, we decided the best solution was to replace it. We got a matching model and got straight to work. The door looked as if nothing ever happened by the end of the day!

James MacFarland - Clermont
Roller Replacement In Minneola Neighborhood

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Rollers needed to be replaced.
Our Solution: Upon arrival, we quickly spotted the issue. The rollers were in a fairly bad condition, and one of them was just about to break. We replaced them with new ball bearing rollers and the door now opens smoothly and quietly.

Janet Hodgkin - Minneola

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